Closing Knowledge Gaps at HCUC: the 16 to 19 tuition fund

HCUC has assessed all 16-19 full-time students to understand the impact of 2019/20 disrupted learning and the resultant knowledge-gaps requiring additional support in the 2020/21 academic year.

Further to our usual diagnostic assessments, HCUC curriculum teams have developed a bank of subject specific ‘baseline-assessments’. These assess each student’s expected point of entry baseline-knowledge against the expected starting points of a student in a usual academic year and evidence the knowledge-gap needs for each individual student.  The completion of 16-19 baseline-assessments is tracked centrally for completion and for the resulting Individual Learning Plan actions that these inform. Coverage includes English, maths and vocational content.

Appropriately, qualified & skilled staff will deliver additional sessions to small groups of between three & five students, applying approaches considered most effective for each student. These will be predominantly taught academic master-classes with a smaller volume focused on academic study skills and mentoring required to meet knowledge-gaps.

Small group sessions will be scheduled around current timetables as additional taught hours. The College will track student participation and attached guided learning hours through timetabled registers, and retain records of work completed and progress made.